Program "Vitality"

The Social Integration State Agency (SIVA) offers program “Vitality”, which aims to help start a healthier lifestyle and restore the balance of physical and psychological health.

The program “Vitality” includes:

  • Doctor’s consultation – 2 times
  • Physiotherapist consultation – 1 time
  • Diet specialist consultation – 2 times
  • Activity of a nutrition specialist in a group – 2 times
  • Psychologist’s consultation – 1 time
  • Psychologist’s lesson individually – 2 times
  • Visiting the pool and steam bath – 5 times
  • Underwater massage – 4 times
  • Physiotherapy lesson in a group (in the hall) – 4 times
  • Physiotherapy lesson in a group (in the pool) – 4 times
  • Physical activities in the gym with dosed load – 5 times
  • Caning in a group – 5 times
  • Morning bustle – 5 times
  • Living in the chosen comfort room
  • Balanced meals (5 times a day)
  • Consultation and supervision of the attending physician
  • Development of a healthy nutrition program

*The price may differ depending on the selected room.


7 days
861.16 EUR
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