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Why choose Latvia?

Latvia has long been a popular SPA and medical tourism destination. The country’s territory is rich in natural resources and healing mineral water sources, which have been used in popular medicine for centuries, also attracting the attention of foreigners. By the end of the 18th century, an extensive network of sanatoriums had been established in Latvia, while the Baltic Sea coast was renowned as a popular health tourism destination.


Top 10 reasons why you should choose Latvia:

  1. Choice of 600+ treatments. A wide range of SPA treatments is available. Latvia’s SPA complex specialists will help to devise the most suitable combination of treatments for each individual client.
  2. Spa experience. Jurmala is the biggest resort in the Baltic States and is located 25 km from the capital city Riga and 15 km from Riga International Airport. The offering consists of SPA treatments, based on many years of experience providing spa resort and sanatorium services, combined with the very best element of Latvia’s nature.
  3. The capital city Riga provides an extensive cultural programme and is renowned as a pearl of Art Nouveau architecture and gastronomic paradise. You will not only have the chance to undergo high quality SPA treatments, but simultaneously to enjoy Riga’s myriad leisure and entertainment attractions.
  4. Latvia’s unique natural resources. SPA treatments use Latvia’s natural resources – honey, flowers, fresh berries, peppermint, amber, etc. Latvia is rich in healing mud and sulphur, bromine salt and sodium mineral waters. These are used for both healing purposes and beauty care treatments in pools, showers and baths.
  5. Several days of SPA programmes. We offer you a choice of consecutive procedures, which are specially adapted to clients’ needs and include fitness options, quality nutrition and comfortable accommodation. These programmes incorporate several procedures, where each individual procedure reinforces the impact of the next one.
  6. Extensive team of specialists. As part of the services provided, clients are cared for by certified masseurs, SPA specialists, cosmetologists, healthcare coordinators, nutritionists, personal trainers and therapists.
  7. Healing climate. Latvia has long been internationally renowned for its healing factors including the gentle climate, pine forest energy and fresh sea air. This is a wonderful place to combine a relaxing holiday with healthcare.
  8. No language barriers. SPA professionals have vast experience working with foreign patients and can communicate fluently in several foreign languages.
  9. High quality for affordable prices. The methods of internationally renowned specialists guarantee a great result without the risk of overpaying.
  10. Convenient access. Its convenient geographical location means that patients can travel to Latvia simply and affordably by air, sea or rail. Flights from Riga International Airport are available to 77 destinations.



VIDEO about SPA services in Latvia


Services offered


As the gold standard, the SPA offer includes the classic massage for the whole body that will provide the most relaxing effects possible. Depending on his or her requirements, the client can ask the masseur to concentrate on specific zones: back, the soles of the feet, or the face, etc. A wide range of specialised massage is also available including amber, buckwheat, chocolate, honey, anti-cellulite, aromatherapy, massage with hot stones, as well as exotic massages (Thai, Lomi, Ayurveda, etc.). Overall, any massage has a beneficial impact on the nervous system, heart and cardiovascular system, and joints. It improves the skin’s condition, lymphatic circulation and muscular capacity. The client can choose the massage length that suits them best (20−90 minutes on average).



A peeling procedure can serve as a refreshing body care experience with added value - the massage effect. Our experts will carry out deep but not aggressive peeling. Peeling’s abrasive technique activates blood circulation, simultaneously making the skin smooth, soft and silky. Various types of peeling are available with added natural oils, each of which will provide a different result – mineralization, moisturising-nourishing, rejuvenating, and balanced effect to boost strength. It is possible to find the most suitable scrub for each season.



Cosmetologists first assess the client’s skin type before proposing a corresponding procedure and a suitable cosmetic agent for its performance. Facial treatments are intended not only to visually and noticeably renew the skin, but also to provide quality relaxation. Leisure helps the skin to obtain a healthy appearance and glow. The range of services on offer includes treatments like a classic facial massage, a moisturising procedure to delay the signs of aging, an anti-stress mask and whitening procedure to provide a consistent skin tone. The overall offer is very broad.



Our offering includes wrapping in masks with various effects. It is possible to use masks that are specially developed for pregnant women or are intended to have an anti-cellulite impact. Toning and slimming bandages help to balance the body’s energy flow, as well as have a beneficial impact on the skin’s cells. These are strengthened, while elasticity is increased and the appearance of the face is improved. Corset wrapping will be important after greater weight loss. Wrapping the whole body in blue clay has medicinally rejuvenating properties, as well as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Wrapping is also offered in a mask of seasonal berries, yoghurt and clay, which is intended to energise the body and expel alkalis, and has the effect of revitalizing, softening and moisturising skin.



Mud has powerful and concurrently cleansing properties. Treatments involving medicinal mud will help to strengthen the patient’s immune system and activate the body’s protective capacities. Two types of medicinal mud can be found in Latvia – peat mud and sapropel mud, which contain a large quantity of minerals and microelements. It is an effective means of treating illnesses (psoriasis, fungi) and improving one’s skin metabolism. Mud applications are used not only to treat and prevent illnesses, but also have a beneficial effect on the patient’s general state of health and reduces emotional tension.



This sauna treatment cleanses the body and guarantees powerful skin cleansing and skin rejuvenation. A sensibly implemented sauna treatment for smoothing the skin, reducing weight and healing the body. In the sauna bathhouse, patients can enjoy the aromas of Latvia’s countryside medicinal plants such as chamomile, St. John’s wort, celandine and peppermint, etc. Local flagellation rituals in the sauna stimulate accelerated metabolism, toxin expulsion and strengthening overall immunity.



  • Charcot shower – a toning body massage with a powerful water jet.
  • A medicinal and aromatic bath – heat therapy with natural extracts.
  • Classic underwater massage – a massage for the whole body with a powerful water jet, which is performed in a special medicinal bath.
  • Underwater vacuum massage – a massage for the whole body in a special bath, which is performed in accordance with the general principles of classic and vacuum massage.



Salt therapy is used to relieve various chronic skin and respiratory tract ailments. This therapy is also suitable for strengthening immunity and healing respiratory tracts. The salt room has an artificial micro-climate, which is as identical as possible to the underwater salt cave climate. During the treatment, the patient relaxed and inhales salt dust, which is gradually sprinkled into the specially equipped room. To strengthen reduced immunity, a twice-yearly visit to the salt room twice a year (in the form of a course).



We offer countless treatments, of which guests can choose the ones that suit them best. To

give you a general idea about the choice on offer, here is some information about just a few

of these programmes:

  • Detox treatment intended to expel toxins from the body, including capsule, lymphatic drainage, peeling and wrapping.
  • Slimming treatments aimed at reducing weight and body size, which incorporate wrapping and massage, Charcot shower, hydro massage bath, vacuum massages, etc.
  • Free berry SPA, revitalizing, toxin-expelling berry and clay mask body wrapping, body massage, etc.
  • Valmiermuiža Beer SPA – beer grain body peeling, toning flagellation with bird and healing plant brushes dipped in beer, as well as an extended body massage with hop oil.
  • Buckwheat massage – a massage recommended for improving blood circulation, expelling lactic acid, reducing the fatty layer and biological stimulator to activate hormones, vitamins and enzymes.
  • Amber therapy – this treatment is based on gentle body peeling with pieces of amber and fine amber powder, after which a massage is conducted using amber stones.
  • Cell-Shock, which is powerful manual massage of cosmetic agents, also including the use of anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage techniques.
  • Zero Cellulite - massage-peeling for problematic zones, massage with rollers, applying anti-cellulite serum and a plaster mask to problematic areas.
  • Silhouette Minus, which includes an underwater massage, problematic zone wrapping, vacuum massage, and plant- and oil-based cleansing treatments.
  • Clean source – a detoxifying healing programme, using pine extract, turpentine bath, cosmetic wrapping with natural turpentine on a water bed, etc.
  • Birch tar − healing programme, using natural tar. The programme includes wrapping problematic zones on a water bed and an aromatic bath.
  • SPA for expectant mums − including a neck zone massage, facial massage, relaxing leg bath and paraffin arm mask, as well as oxygen cocktails
  • Chocolate ritual – this procedure includes body peeling, mask and body massage with cream. Facial skin care and resolution of specific aesthetic problems.
  • Cherry ritual – bath with cherry salt or Health capsule, body peeling with wrapping, facial and head massage, classic body massage with cherry stones.



SPA programmes have been specially devised for HER and HIM. They include both joint and individual revitalising activities and treatments, and offer clients the chance to enjoy aqua relaxation, wrapping treatments and massages.



You can choose programmes for all the family, where we offer you not only breakfast, dinner, sauna and pool visits, but also massages with aromatic oils, body wrapping treatments, massages for children from 3−12 years, which have a positive impact on the immune, nervous and cardiovascular system within a child’s body, as well as generating pleasant moments and emotions regarding the time spent together with the family.



We offer a wide range of holiday SPA programmes, including a SPA slimming holiday (3 days/2 nights), an Eastern style SPA holiday (3 days/2 nights), Anti Age or Anti Stress SPA holiday (3 days/2 nights), as well as many others.

To receive a detailed programme, please complete an application using the question form and SPA centres will send you an offer that best suits your interests.



Treatment price list

Classic massage for the whole body from EUR 38 (45 min), from EUR 52 (60 min)
Classic face massage from EUR 25 (25 min)
Specialized massages from EUR 48 (60 min)
Facial treatments from EUR 45 (60 min)
Peeling from EUR 20 (25 min), from EUR 60 (60 min)
SPA rituals (1 day) from EUR 55-160
SPA rituals (2 days) from EUR 125-300
SPA rituals (3 day) from EUR 250-479
Mud treatments from EUR 30
Infrared sauna from EUR 20 (40 min)
Salt room from EUR 8 (40 min)
Wrapping treatments from EUR 30 (35 min), from EUR 48 (60 min)




Anyone who's looking for really professional and good quality treatment, this is the place to go. 
Personally I will never go anywhere else.


Very good quality of permanent make up.


Jurmala city council
Jomas Street 1/5,
Jurmala, LV - 2015
Phone.: +371 67147905
Fax: +371 67147901

Executive director Gunta Ušpele

Registration details:
VAT Nr. LV40008131781
Bank: A/S Swedbank
Bank Account: LV33HABA0551023531429



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