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Why choose Latvia?

Latvia’s specialists provide high level reconstructive and microsurgery methods, whose precision is guaranteed by the professional knowledge and vast experience of our doctors, allied to state-of-the-art latest technology and high quality standards.



Top reasons why you should choose Latvia:

  1. Three decades of professionalism. The specialised discipline of microsurgery has developed significantly since 1985, and in the intervening period Latvia’s leading plastic surgeons have achieved international recognition among their colleagues. Reconstructions performed by microsurgeons have been highly praised at global microsurgeons’ congresses.
  2. A highly qualified team specialists. The team of reconstructive surgeons incorporates a wide range of specialists including plastic surgeons, traumatologists, hand surgeons, oncologists, paediatric surgeons and other specialists.
  3. State-of-the-art medical apparatus. Operating theatres are equipped with modern apparatus. The latest materials and technology are used during procedures in order to ensure successful outcomes and maximum precision.
  4. Western quality at reasonable prices. International recognised evidence based medicine guarantees successful outcome at reasonable prices.
  5. Individual approach. Communication between the patient and his doctors is an important factor in drawing up a precise and successful treatment plan. Patients have access to each doctor’s personal work e-mail for direct communication.
  6. Safety and ES standards. The infrastructure, environment and work organisation at Latvia’s clinics corresponds to the very highest standards of patient care in Europe.
  7. No language barriers. Latvian specialists are very experienced in working with foreign patients and can communicate fluently in several foreign languages.
  8. Convenient geographical location. Convenient means of reaching Latvia are available by sea, air and rail.  Frequent flights and direct routes are available from Europe’s largest cities and strategically important transport centres.
  9. Added value – nature in Latvia. Latvia is on the shore of the Baltic Sea and offers a comprehensive range of leisure options available in seaside resort towns around the world.



Services offered

Reconstructive operations are conducted on patients of all ages and genders, as well as trauma patients, whose bodies have been crippled by congenital defects, tumours or injuries. With the help of reconstructive surgery, doctors attempt to restore the patient’s former appearance or function. Most operations are conducted with the help of a microscope.


Head and neck reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive microsurgery specialists conduct all types of facial, head and neck soft tissue, bone and organ reconstructions after the removal of benign and malignant tumours. Surgical manipulations are conducted together with oncologists, who remove the tumour, while microsurgeons rectify the defect, using the patient’s tissue from other parts of the body. In individual cases, correction of facial and head defects is also required by patients after head injuries.


Bone infection and bone defect treatment

Osteomyelitis is a bone infection resulting from a bacterial infection. Type one osteomyelitis usually affects children. Treatment commences with antibiotics, but in the event that therapy is unsuccessful, surgery may be required, during which the infected bone is removed. Type two osteomyelitis is observed after traumatic bone damage. If medicinal therapy does not help, all dead and infected tissue as well as that with poor circulation is surgically removed and replaced with a skin graft with full blood circulation from a healthy part of the body.


Breast renewal

In the aftermath of a breast cancer operation, contemporary methods provide patients with the opportunity for breast renewal, which in turn of their form and appearance are very similar to natural breasts. Each oncological case can be assessed individually, but often it is possible to perform a breast reconstruction immediately after a mastectomy. In this case, the patient will be spared the unpleasant experience and post-operative feeling that her breast is no longer in place. The breast renewal process takes place over the course of several operations. Breast renewal is available with soft tissue grafts or implants.


Treatment of benign and malignant skin, muscular and bone growths

In most cases, treatment of skin, muscular or bone growths is carried out together with an oncologist. In cases of large growths, the plastic surgeon will reconstruct the tissue defect with similar tissue. A reconstructive operation is necessary to reduce the cosmetic and functional defects affecting the relevant part of the body. In the case of a malignant skin operation, the scope of the operation is much greater and the specialist may perform microsurgical transplant of healthy tissue to rectify extensive soft tissue or bone defects.


Treatment of non-healing wounds

Patients have access to the most progressive methods for treating wounds – tissue graft transplantation and microsurgery. In order to choose the most appropriate method for treating a non-healing wound, the plastic surgeon will carry out a careful examination of the wound and assess its size and complexity. The specialist will pay maximum attention to the aesthetic outcome so that the scars cannot be noticed after the operation. In the simplest cases, superficial skin wounds are stitched up. In cases of larger wounds, a skin transplant or tissue stretching with an espander is performed, which is intended to “grow” surplus skin to stitch up the wound.


Nerve damage treatment

Nerve damage (burning, numbness, functional loss) resulting from injuries can be treated, surgically renewing the damaged nerve using microsurgery. It is recommended that the nerve should be stitched as quickly as possible, which increases the likelihood that functions will be restored successfully. In order to renew the nerve, it is often necessary to replace the damaged nerve with a less important nerve from another part of the body. Our doctors primarily specialise in treating damage to peripheral nerves, as well as the shoulder nerve nexus.


Scar and burn treatment

When problems caused by scars impair limb movement, cause pain and hamper the functioning of adjoining organs, treatment is necessary to improve the functions of the relevant part of the body. A secondary goal is to improve aesthetic appearance. Removal or scars is multi-stage process – infected tissue is removed, healthy skin is connected, and skin grafting and transplants may be required. Several operations may be required for optimal correction of scars. Our specialists also treats the consequences of electrical injuries and freezing.



Service price list

Head and neck defect closure:


with ADP  

from EUR 600

with graft  

from EUR 1,430 – 6,840
Facial reanimation       from EUR 930 – 2,850
Total ear reconstruction (3 operations)  from EUR 3,280
Osteomyelitis – bone resection + EFA  from EUR 1,430
Breast renewal from EUR 2,700 – 16,900

Breast reconstruction with espanders/implants:


Stage I  

from EUR 2,080

Stage II 

from EUR 1,400
Nipple formation from EUR 550
Removal of new growths from EUR 170
Growth excision from EUR 490
Growth excision, plastic surgery from EUR 1,430
Excision of a deep growth in the neck from EUR 1,710
Stitching of fresh facial wounds, simple from EUR 130
Neurinoma excision under sedation   from EUR 650
Nerve plastic surgery with nerve transplantation from EUR 1,000
Plexus brachialis reconstruction from EUR 2,280

Infection, necrosis:


debridement + histamine + bacteriology + VAC      

from EUR 860

debridement + histamine + bacteriology

from EUR 285

Large limb scars:


Z – plastic surgery  

from EUR 560

Plastic surgery with espanders  

from EUR 1,000

Plastic surgery Stage II

from EUR 500

Plastic surgery with free graft  

from EUR 2,570

Treatment process – step by step

Individual treatment steps will vary from patient to patient, and the detailed treatment process will be determined by each patient’s needs and the state of health. In choosing to undergo reconstructive surgery in collaboration with Latvian specialists, the patient can primarily anticipate the development of a close relationship electronically followed by a visit lasting several days or several visits to Latvia.


General treatment steps:

  1. Electronic communication, introduction to specialists and identification of the patient’s needs (via phone calls, e-mails and skype calls).
  2. Preparation process in the country of residence:
    1. Performance of the required analyses;
    2. Anaesthesiologist’s consultation (as necessary).
  3. Arrival in Latvia – the following steps will be planned for performance on specific dates:
    1. Consultations and the necessary pre-operation diagnostics;
    2. Commencement of planned procedures;
    3. Analysis of results and identification of subsequent treatment steps.

The duration of the visit will depend on the planned procedures.




You can submit your question in the communication form and the clinic will forward to the specialist, who practices treatment of specific diagnoses. You will receive a reply by e-mail in a few days.

Jurmala city council
Jomas Street 1/5,
Jurmala, LV - 2015
Phone.: +371 67147905
Fax: +371 67147901

Executive director Gunta Ušpele

Registration details:
VAT Nr. LV40008131781
Bank: A/S Swedbank
Bank Account: LV33HABA0551023531429



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