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Project No. “Latvian Health Tourism Cluster”

The cluster project is aimed at promoting the sustainable cooperation of companies operating in the health tourism industry of Latvia, educational and knowledge-spreading organisations, thus improving their competitiveness in healthcare and health tourism, and stimulating an increase in total expenses of foreign tourists in Latvia and the formation of products with high added value.

On 9 February 2017, the Latvian Resort Association signed an agreement with the Central Finance and Contracting Agency on the implementation of the European Union Fund project No. “Latvian Health Tourism Cluster”.

The project will last for 48 months. Its main priorities are: development of complex products in the sphere of health and — especially — medical tourism highlighting, for instance, fertility treatment, treatment of oncology diseases, eye surgery, phlebology, prosthetic dentistry and dental implantation, etc.; market research; development of a single health tourism marketing plan; joint marketing activities of members of the Latvian Health Tourism Cluster abroad; attraction of foreign medical tourists; development of the website; marketing abroad through Internet and social networks; acceptance of foreign doctors and representatives of health insurance companies; development of a single quality certification system and its introduction for all members of the cluster; introduction of custom medicine in bio-medicine; development of medical cosmetics products and other activities.

The total budget of the project amounts to EUR 485,874.42, of which the total eligible costs are EUR 485,874.42. ERDF funding amounts to 85% of eligible costs and private funding amounts to 15% of eligible costs, i.e. EUR 412,993.26 and EUR 72,881.16 respectively.

The Latvian Health Tourism Cluster was created under the Latvian Resort Association in March 2012. It includes a wide spectrum of health tourism entrepreneurs, ranging from state and local government, regional hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centres and resort hotels to tourist agencies, educational and research institutions.


“Latvian Resort Assossiation” is one of ProVaHealth (2017-2020) partners.

ProVaHealth Subsidy contract for the implementation of the project (#R039).

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020 supports integrated territorial development and cooperation for a more innovative, better accessible and sustainable Baltic Sea region. Partners from countries around the Baltic Sea work together in transnational projects on common key challenges and opportunities. The Programme is an agreement between EU member states Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and the northern parts of Germany as well as partner countries Norway, Belarus and the northwest regions of Russia.

The Programme is funded by the European Union and approved by the European Commission.

ProVaHealth is one of 39 approved Interreg Baltic Sea Region project, in May 2017.

ProVaHealth stimulates cooperation among health laboratories in the Baltic Sea region, which test new products and technologies in real-life contexts. The project shares best practices to improve business models of the labs and helps open access to the services for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from the entire Baltic Sea region to ensure health innovation and growth of health SMEs with global potential.

The key aspect of Living Labs is the co-creation and experimental testing of products in a real-life context, providing opportunity for client validation, hands-on feedback and customer input for product development. In this way, Living Labs support companies to rapidly commercialise and scale up their innovations and products to the global markets. In the Baltic Sea region, Living Labs exist within several health and well-being areas.

Total ERDF budget is 3 022 842,70 EUR, ERDF co-financing is 2 353 386,54 EUR and amount of EU partners’ contribution 669 456,16 EUR. Latvia’s total partner budget is 81 740 EUR.


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