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Medical tourism in Latvia

Every year, tens of thousands of medical tourists arrive in Latvia. Collating the statistical data for 2017, the Top 10 countries, whose patients have received treatment in Latvia are: Russia, Belarus, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, the USA, Sweden, Lithuania, Norway and Estonia. To receive treatment in Latvia, patients also arrive from Canada, Ireland, Finland, Israel, France,  Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Denmark and other countries around the world.



Latvia has long been a popular medical tourism destination. The country has a rich array of natural healing resources including healing mud including mineral water springs, which have been used in medical treatment and preventive healthcare for over 200 years.

An important role in the development of the sector was played by the successful cooperation between doctors and clinics. By the end of the 18th century, an extensive network of health resorts had been established in Latvia, alongside scientific research laboratories. At the start of the 20th century, the number of medical tourists in Latvia had reached 60,000-70,000 a year. After the Second World War, the number of patients treated at health resort institutions exceeded two million, employing a significant number of medical employees. Demand for qualified medics has always been high in Latvia, which explains why the country’s medical education has always been at a high level throughout history.


Why Latvia?

Nowadays, Latvia’s clinics are high level medical institutions, whose quality diagnostic and healthcare services are provided thanks to a combination of the professional knowledge of the country’s doctors and state of the art facilities, the latest technologies and high safety and quality standards. Services are provided to patients from both Latvia and abroad.

The compact size of Riga, landscaped environment and outstanding education opportunities are attractive not only to foreign patients, but also to budding doctors from various countries around the world, who are doing their medical studies in Latvia.


How can one get here?

Planning a trip to Latvia is simple, because of the convenient air, ferry, rail and road transport options available. Regular direct flights to Riga are available from Europe’s biggest cities and strategically important transport hubs. Flights to 77 end destinations are available from Riga International Airport.


What kind of visit can I look forward to?

In choosing to undergo treatment in Latvia, patients can primarily look forward to the formation of a close relationship electronically, development of a personalised treatment and visit programme, and the signing of a mutual agreement with the clinic and relevant doctor. Upon request, foreign patients can be collected at the airport and provided with a guide, translator and accommodation, etc. Patients of any age are welcome here: both adults and children, babies included. During the visit, patients can stay a hotels or in well-furnished hotel type wards with the all the necessary amenities to make their stay as comfortable as possible. In most cases, it is possible for a travel companion to stay at the clinic together with the patient. Latvia’s medical specialists are vastly experienced in working with foreign clients and are fluent in a number of foreign languages, but if necessary a translator’s services can also be arranged.


Latvia’s clinics

Latvia’s health tourism cluster consists of state, municipal and regional hospitals, private clinics, medical rehabilitation centres and resort hotels. The cluster combines those Latvian clinics that can offer patients quality diagnostic and healthcare services, combining the experience of doctors with the latest technologies and high standards.


• Quality

    The healthcare available in Latvia corresponds to the highest level offered by the world’s leading clinics. The clinics use certified apparatus corresponding to international quality standards. Operations are performed using materials and equipment made by the world’s leading manufacturers. Alongside European specialists, Latvian doctors conduct scientific studies in various branches of medicine in order to improve disease diagnostics and therapy.


    • Savings

      Latvia’s clinics typically offer patients a sensible pricing policy with no hidden charges. Service prices are competitive within the Baltic Sea region and lower than in Western European and Scandinavian countries, enabling patients to make cost savings of 50-70%. See a price comparison table here


      • Compensation

        EU Directive 2011/24/EU on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare stipulates that patients are entitled to choose a service provider in any EU country. In accordance with the said Directive, the patient will be compensated with the sum that his or her country of residence would have paid to doctors within its own system for the same or equivalent service. Since regulations in various EU member states may differ, we recommend studying all compensation terms and conditions beforehand. More detailed information can be found at:


        • Availability

          The date of consultations and operations can usually be arranged within the next two weeks, sometimes earlier. Examinations are available with no waiting lists in accordance with a carefully planned schedule. The equipment and apparatus required for diagnostics and treatment are available under the roof, meaning that both examinations and required treatment can be performed in the shortest possible space of time.


          • Professional knowledge

            The education of Latvia’s specialists corresponds to the highest international standards and the country’s top medical practitioners regularly continue their further education, thus mastering the latest healthcare practices. Doctors continually augment their qualifications with foreign training and in experience exchange programmes (in the USA, United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and other countries). Our doctors are member of Europe’s most important industry associations. Latvia’s foremost specialists conduct international model operations, as well as giving lectures and addressing international conferences.


            • Technology

              Latvia’s clinics are continually introducing cutting edge technologies that are widely acclaimed within the international medical community. Healthcare institutions maintain close working relationships with leading medical equipment manufacturers and their equipment is regularly upgraded so that corresponds to the latest industry standards. Diagnostics are performed using state-of-the-art equipment, resulting in examinations that are as fast, efficient and as precise as possible. In healthcare, the latest apparatus makes it possible to perform less invasive manipulations, which means a short recovery period and reduces the risk of complications. Latvia’s clinics offer innovative treatment methods, which guarantee the most effective results possible. Some of the methods are unique in the Baltics or Northern Europe.


              • Safety

                The infrastructure, environment and work organisation at Latvia’s clinics correspond to Europe’s best patient care standards. The country’s state-of-the-art healthcare institutions conduct sterilised procedures according to the highest EU quality standards. These clinics have received ISO quality certificates.


                • Privacy

                  Professional ethics and patient safety are the cornerstones of our professionalism. We guarantee absolute confidentiality, meeting EU requirements in relation to personal data protection. Patient coordinators offer a personal approach, helping to find answers to all the patient’s questions and queries.


                  What are the benefits?

                  Latvia’s medical tourism has various important advantages compared to Western and Eastern tourism markets including:


                  • high product and service quality;

                  • highly professional medical personnel;

                  • state-of-the-art medical equipment;

                  • no waiting lists;

                  • competitive prices.


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