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Jurmala city council
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Executive director Gunta Ušpele

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VAT Nr. LV40008131781
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Why choose Latvia?

The services of Latvia’s clinics are being increasingly appreciated by foreign clients receiving complex high-class attractively priced dental services. Our specialists practice methods that guarantee a pleasant treatment process and high client satisfaction with the result. Our clinics regularly receive awards from the WhatClinic website for the outstanding quality of their services, based on patients’ feedback and recommendations.

The top 10 reasons why you should choose Latvia:

  1. Great prices for dental services, tooth implants and prosthetics. The clinics are renowned for their sensible pricing policy with no hidden additional costs. Patients can save up to 70%, compared with the country in which they live.
  2. Professional doctors with outstanding experience - all procedures are carried out by highly qualified specialists, with experience working as interns in German, Swiss and American clinics. Latvian doctors regularly participate in international congresses, conferences and teaching seminars.
  3. State-of-the-art apparatus and technology. Latvia’s clinics keep track of the very latest innovations in global dental technology and introduce them to clinics in Latvia.
  4. High quality materials are used that are made by the world’s leading manufacturers, along with dental implants exclusively produced by tried and tested manufacturers, which guarantee long service and an aesthetically attractive and natural appearance.
  5. Safety and EU quality standards – sterility is guaranteed in our state-of-art clinics, in accordance with the highest European standards.
  6. No language barriers – dental personnel communicate fluently in Latvian, English, German and Russian.
  7. Location - reasonably priced and convenient transport options are available by sea, air and rail. 77 final destinations are accessible from Riga International Airport.
  8. No queues and fast access - all specialists are available in one place and visits to a hygienist, dentist, surgeon, implantologist and prosthetologist can be arranged within a short time of one another.
  9. Individual approach - the individual treatment steps will vary from patient to patient, and the detailed treatment process will be determined by each patient’s requirements and the condition of your teeth.
  10. Added value – weekends and public holidays. In accordance with his wishes, each patient can choose the Latvian clinic that suits him best, choosing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in the capital city or luxury service in Latvia’s most popular resort town. Patients have the opportunity to enjoy Latvia’s beauty and visit Riga, which is the capital of culture in the Baltic States, an architectural pearl, gastronomic paradise and place for active leisure.



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Services offered

Dental health tests and diagnostics

  • The specialist will ascertain the state of health of the patient’s oral cavity, examining both teeth and gums. If necessary, an X-ray examination will be conducted. If any problems are discovered, the patient will be informed and the subsequent treatment plan will be prepared.
  • State-of-the-art 3D X-rays are available at the clinics, thus making it possible to conduct optimal diagnostics for the insertion of implants.

Dental hygiene

  • If the patient has severe plaque, the plaque is first cleaned with an ultrasonic tooth scaler. This is a mechanical instrument, whose ultrasonic vibrations remove plaque above gums.
  • In order to ensure that oral and dental cavity are complete, each tooth is cleaned with a manual instrument, because this is the only means to accessing hard to reach places such as the lower gum area and in the areas between teeth. Oral hygiene is not complete without the use of a manual instrument.
  • When plaque has been carefully removed, teeth are polished with a specialised paste, as well as carefully flossed.
  • At the conclusion of the treatment, the dental hygienist will apply fluoride paste to renew the natural protective capabilities of teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry

  • Dental fillings make it possible to restore the aesthetic appearance of the front teeth if part of a tooth has been lost, or it has changed colour or become cracked, or recolouring is observed along the edges of the filling, or the necks of teeth are becoming eroded. The dental filling facades are created by covering the visible surface of the teeth with the filling material, thus creating an aesthetic tooth with a natural colour and form. In creating dental facades, it is easy to change the form of the tooth, as well as to make corrections if necessary.
  • Tooth whitening - the patient’s gums, lips and cheeks are insulated with a special lip retractor and gum gel. A whitening gel is applied to the teeth, which is illuminated with a laser or specialised lamp. Depending on the usage instructions, the gel is changed several times or left on teeth for the amount of time necessary. At the end of the session, the gel is rinsed off the teeth and the new tone of the teeth is compared. After the procedure, fluoride gel is applied to the teeth in order to strengthen the enamel of the patient’s teeth and to negate their sensitivity.

Root canal treatment

  •  Although endodontics is a lengthy process, it is often the only option to save the tooth. The number of root canals and anatomy of teeth vary, while the complexity of the procedure and the extent of the infection dictate the number of treatment sessions. If the infection has not spread to the jaw bone, treatment can be completed in one visit, but the bigger the number of canals, or if the seat of the infection is in the jaw bone, the treatment process will usually require two or more visits. Dental root canal treatment is conducted using top quality dental microscopes, as well as the very latest dental root canal cleaning and filling technologies.


  • A dental implant is the natural replacement for a tooth, which functionally and visually resembles a natural tooth. A dental implant is a titanium screw, which is inserted into the jaw bone. A dental implant is a great way to replace a missing tooth or even group of teeth. A dental implant is a restoration that cannot be removed, and thus it is located within the mouth just like a natural tooth.
  • Implant advantages:
    • Visually perfect solution
    • No restrictions on eating
    • The load on the jaw bone is the same as that imposed by teeth, prevent the onset of bone atrophy
    • Long service life
    • No need to file adjoining teeth
    • Any number of teeth can be renewed
    • Secure fastening of removable fillings
    • Easy to clean
    • They feel like your own teeth
  • Typically, it takes about 3-6 months for implants to take root. After the implants have become part of the bone tissue, they will be covered with an abutment, and capped with a dental crown or filling. And thus to the tooth is renewed.
  • In Latvia, modern dental implantology began in the year 2000. About 15,000 implants are inserted every year in Latvia.


  • Dental prosthetics (crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures)

During the first visit the doctor prepares the teeth, takes an impression and prepares short-term prosthetics, which the patient wears until the next visit, which will take place about a week later. During this period, the dental technicians will prepare the dental crowns or veneers, in accordance with all the doctor’s requirements and the patient’s wishes.
During the second visit the doctor and patient assess the aesthetic parameters of the dental crowns or veneers, i.e. their colour, form and condition. If the doctor and patient are fully satisfied with the quality and aesthetics, then the dental crowns or veneers are fixed on the patient’s teeth.

Specialists at Latvian dental clinics use a range of modern materials, as well as a unique set of apparatus and instruments, allowing them to perform the most challenging dental tasks.



Treatment price list

Dentist’s consultation EUR 18-35
Treatment plan preparation  from 49 EUR
Aesthetic filling from EUR 50
Toot renewal from EUR 90
Professional dental hygiene EUR 55-65
Specialist whitening EUR 120-300


Single root extraction     from EUR 35
Multi-root tooth extraction         from EUR 55
Complex tooth extraction from EUR 100


Metal ceramic crown EUR 260-385
Porcelain crown                from EUR 430
Zirconium crown from EUR 460
Crown implant from EUR 500
Implant installation EUR from 550


Mechanical-chemical treatment EUR 20-75
Filling one channel EUR 22-120
Digital orthopantogram EUR 32-70
Sedation with laughing gas           from EUR 35



State-of-the-art apparatus and technology

  • Digital X-ray machines used in Latvia are ten times safer than an ordinary X-ray. In just a few seconds, a digital machine with low radiation can show an X-ray image on an adjoining screen, which immediately makes it possible to discuss future treatment steps. For example, using a 3D X-ray machine, there is no need for repeated X-rays, because the machine’s programme makes it possible to module the image – to zoom, rotate and zoom in, etc.
  • Patients are treated with the latest dental apparatus along with dental materials made by the world’s leading manufacturers. Dental machine models are fitted with the latest nozzle technology to make caring for patient’s mouth more comfortable.
  • Filling materials are carefully adapted to each clinical situation. Nowadays, the most commonly used material is white helium filling, and Latvian clinics successfully use an enamel filling product (developed by the German laboratory Humanchemie).
  • Endodontics are performed with both manual and rotating instruments, which is the fastest and most comfortable form of root canal treatment, with precision guaranteed through the use of the latest systems, which determine the length of root canals. The varying number of root canals, their anatomy and the extent of the infection will be the factors determining the number of treatment sessions required.
  • In the treatment of highly nervous patients, a latest generation analgesia method is used, i.e. sedation with laughing gas. Several decades of global experience shows that laughing gas is an effective tranquilising and analgesic method, which is suitable for both children and adults.
  • The wide range of aesthetic procedures are available in Latvia:
    • Dental lasers are used, which make it possible to whiten teeth without damaging them and preventing post-whitening sensitivity.
    • Dental whitening with the help of a ZOOM system provides the most durable result, and the effect will last for up to five years. During one 90 minute long session, your teeth will become nine tones whiter.
    • The SPA hygiene procedure is conducted using an Air flow system and the most modern materials made by the world’s leading dental cosmetic agent manufacturers: CURADENT, GC, WELEDA and REMBRANDT.
    • The anti–aging aesthetic programme provides the opportunity to contour and renew the forms and lines of teeth, improving or renewing an aesthetically and anatomically correct row of teeth.
  • Clinics are sterilized to ensure maximum patient safety. Instruments are sterilised in accordance with the highest European standards, treating them with specialised fluids and sterilising them by means of air pressure in autoclaves according to safety norms.
  • The patient’s well-being is ensured using specially-designed ergonomic solutions in regard to both dental apparatus and dental furniture. Patients can also listen to calming music during treatment. In no way does the enjoyment of music hinder communication between the dentist and patient, because it can be switched of at any time by dentist or patient.



Treatment process – step by step

Individual treatment steps will vary from patient to patient, and the detailed treatment process will be determined by each patient’s requirement and the state of his teeth. In choosing the perform the dental procedures in collaboration with Latvian clinics, the patient can primarily count on establishing a close relationship electronically, followed by a visit or several days or longer to Latvia. The length of time that the patient spends in Latvia will depend on the medical procedures planned and the treatment plan. Depending on the degree of complexity, endodontics is usually carried out over the course of 2 or 3 visits. The dental filling process usually takes place over the course of two visits.

General treatment process steps:

  1. Electronic communication with the chosen clinic, introduction to specialists and problem analysis (phone calls, e-mails, skype calls).
  2. First visit – planned a specific date and time;
    1. Consultation, diagnostics and treatment plan clarification.
  3. Second visit – planned a specific date and time;
    1. Commencement of initial procedures.
  4. Third visit – planned a specific date and time;
    1. Medical treatment continues as necessary or post-surgical tests are conducted.
  5. Remote communication, analysis of results (electronic means of communication).

When the patient initially contacts the clinic, he will be required to send his prior diagnostic results and medical history to the specialists. However, when arriving for a visit to a Latvian clinic, the patient will always undergo an initial examination and the necessary diagnostics, in order to corroborate the accuracy of the results. Consultation steps are as follows:

  • The patient informs the dentist about his complaints and wishes.
  • The specialist ascertains the state of the patient’s oral cavity by inspecting both his teeth and gums.
  • If necessary, an X-ray examination will be conducted.
  • The patient will receive detailed information about all means of resolving his problems, and a treatment plan is drawn up in consultation with the specialist.

The patient will always be informed about alternative treatment plans. These are discussed and analysed with the specialist so that the patient is informed about every step of the treatment process.













Sandra Tjosvold from Haugesund, Norway

"During my recent trip to Riga I had booked an appointment at the Dental Clinic Riga - Lielirbes street 17A - 3 , on arrival I was greeted by Maara Apine, she instantly made me feel at home and as nobody really likes the dentist it was very reassuring. The centre was very modern all the treatment rooms I saw were equipped with the latest technology. She showed me through to
the treatment room almost on arrival, no waiting. The treatment was carried out in a totally professional manner but not without humour. Maaras english was excellent and she always had something to say which helped to pass the time in a relaxed atmosphere. The cost of the treatment also made this a great experience, great treatment and great results at a fraction of the cost elsewhere, a great experience that I would repeat again."


Niklas,  Sweden

"I can highly recommend the Dental Clinic in Riga. The engagement of the staff and the professional services provided are one of the better I have experienced. The facility is brand new with modern equipment and they provide a full range of dental services. The engagement and warm welcoming of the dentist as well as the assistant truly makes a dental visit an enjoyable experience. I especially appreciated that prior to every step of any treatment the dentist was very informative and during the treatment very caring. During the treatment they provide video entertainment and after the treatment I was offered restaurant recommendations. I left Riga with a great smile!"


Knut  Lier,Veterinary Surgeon, Sweden

I must confess I had some prejudices about going to a former Sovietunion-country for advanced dental treatment, and that we are so much more modern in Sweden and in the west, but all of this turned out to be wrong.The treatment I received at Dr. Apines clinic in Riga was state of the art and professionel. They absolutely knew what they were doing, and they were friendly and helpful in every way possible.I felt in good hands every step of the way, and am glad I made the trip: I saved a lot of money, I got to see a
new country and best of all: I have confidence in my smile again.


Manuel Rodriguez Mendez, Oslo-Norge

"I am very happy with the work and his treatment at Dental Clinic Riga. very nice and professional staff. Good service, nice clinic.
Very near the airport. Greatly recommended."

Elizabeth McCann, I would promote it on social media so that the world would know of this gift, this practice!

On a recent visit to Latvia we decided to visit a dentist there and as a result of computer search we were fortunate to come upon "Latvia Dental" 8 Antonijas Riga. Natalja, their Director, facilitated an appointment for the two of us at short notice and thus began a wonderful journey of dental care and attention.There is a very professional and technical staff on hand to cater for all areas of dental care with a very modern rooms with I.T and other relevant tools. First is their warm reception that helps to ease any fears and their great sense of optimum time to discuss given procedures.Their knowledge of our Language helped greatly to make us feel at home. While our stay in Latvia was short we were given daily appointments to cover a range of Services from Restoration, Fillings, Hygiene, cleaning and polishing with some exceptional results. We got top quality care and for that we have every reason to smile. While I do not mention specific names I can truly testify to the highly qualified staff within this Practice and would recommend it to all .Indeed I would promote it on social Media so that the world would know of this gift, this place and this wonderful practice.


John Elizabeth Flynn, Ireland, Before visiting Latvia Dental I didn’t have such a beautiful smile even at my wedding

On our recent stay in Riga, we visited Latvia Dental Practice/ surgery, fulfilling a prior dental appointment made by e-mail. We were impressed by its ambience and location within a cultural setting. On arrival, we were greeted by a welcoming staff and immediately felt at ease. Latvia Dental Clinic  director, Dr. Natalie Orlova coordinated all dental appointments with dentists, hygienists and surgeons. Her assistant Natalie Malina greeted us personally and arranged all necessary documentation in our own language. As we had varied and difficult dental problems, we were treated by a world class team, working in a very professional and highly technical facility. Our experience was one of great care within a short period taking into account x-rays, cleaning, polishing, whitening, filling, restoration and implants were performed. We were informed of the condition of our teeth and advised of the necessary procedures and follow-up care. The team accommodated us by doing some procedures out of hours. We cannot emphasise sufficiently our appreciation for what has been achieved by this trustworthy team of dental experts, so capable, skilled and dedicated. We can recommend Latvia Dental Clinic through all social media and amond family and friends. Our smiles are guaranteed! Thank you.


Arturi, My best experience at the dentist so far

One word: Sweet! Based on the information on the net, I picked Latvia Dental in Riga. Of course I had some expectations. Sure enough Latvia Dentals professional and committed staff  met all of those expectations and then some.. Attention to detail and human kindness, not to mention the work ethic won me over during the 2 full days, that I was in their hands. For that I would like to thank doctors Maxim, Natalie and Jelena. Special thanks to assistant Natalia, who kept me up to date starting from the first contact and generally made me feel at home during my stay. My best experience at the dentist so far.


Eleonora Shatrovataya, I have made my decision to use LatviaDental services because I was amazed with their Dental IQ concept

As a person with medical background, I do understand how important it is to take good care of my teeth. I regularly visit Dentist and use high quality toothpaste. Only the Dentists in LatviaDental have helped me to really improve my oral health by creating good interdental spaces on my teeth.


Ian Clark, I am very happy that I have chosen to trust transformation of my smile to LatviaDental and not to any other clinic!

Thank you all very much for your time, care, hard work in difficult tasks and extreme professionalism! My teeth are splendid after all your efforts and I am now capable once again of eating foods which I have not been able to eat for a long time. As promised, please find attached before and after photos showing the level of success achieved and the difference between my teeth when I arrived (terrified) in your clinic and when I left (extremely happy and no longer terrified).


Henrik Mjoman, They have good working hours so after work or on a Saturday are available to us busy people

I have been cared for and by the team since the late 1990's or early 2000's and have been a regular patient where I have seen the organization go from clarity to clarity. As a foreigner I have high standards I realize and to me is important the level of communication throughout, the client’s feedbacks before and during the process as well as explaining and following-up after. The clinic can perform a large variety of actions, they are diligent, communicate well also in English among operating staff/dentists, caring and put the client's best forward, also after if something happens. Additionally they have good working hours so after work or on a Saturday are available to us busy people and that is an added plus, as are the state-of-the-art equipment in use allowing overview prior, under and after procedures have been carried out. In short for a visiting patient, even those with fright for dentistry you should know that you are in good hands and will receive nothing but expert care. Thus if thinking of having your dental status looked into or for an emergency - please connect with LatviaDental and the professional and amicable staff there!


Staffan Nordström, Dr. Orlova not only is a good doctor of odontology, but also is a great artist when it comes to handle your teeth!

LatviaDental clinic is real professional value for Money. The clinic is very good located in Riga and the staff took very good care of me and my wife. I had heard that Dr. Orlova and her clinic services a great part of the Ex-Pats of Riga and now I understand why.  My wife and I can highly recommend Natalie and her clinic. The more expensive your dental work would be in Sweden or similar countries the better you will find her pricing. Dr. Orlova not only is a good doctor of odontology, but also is a great artist when it comes to handle your teeth. I do look forward to see more recommendations for Dr. Natalie.


Andris Arajums, It went so smooth and easy, I was really amazed — no pain no problem

After recommendations from a Swedish friend in Riga, Henrik Mjöman, I choose to go to Latvia Dental to have my dental implant. I must say it went so smooth and easy, I was really amazed - no pain and no problem and the dentist was very good and told me about all the steps he was doing. They even called me later to ask me how I was doing! I'm very satisfied and do recommend others to come to their modern and clean facility in the center of Riga.


Richard Bucknall, I find the whole organization exceedingly professional yet at the same time friendly

I attend LatviaDental about six times a year, (I wish to keep my teeth), I find the whole organization exceedingly professional yet at the same time friendly, down to earth, approachable and willing to spend however much time it takes to explain the treatments and procedures they will be carrying out. Natalie herself is the best dentist I have ever visited, exceptionally highly skilled and totally committed to providing the best possible care to her patients. Her team is of the same level. It sounds a very odd thing to say about a dentist but it is actually a pleasure to visit Latvia Dental clinic.


John Clifford

Everything is absolutely perfect :-) I've received a lot of very nice comments on your work ! I was very impressed with you and your team's work. Thanks again and see you next year !


Kurt Adler Bruhn and Astrid Bruhn, Thank for telling us how to take care of our teeth in the best way

We and Annette too, are very satisfied with our treatments  at Latvia Dental  and your service and that you make appointments for us at anytime when we are arriving, even Saturday and Sunday if it suites us. We also like to thank for telling us how to take care of our teeth in the best way and that you on beforehand tell us what is wrong, what to do, and give us a price.


Anton Oseledko, I have been named “the son of the clinic”. That fact makes me feel happy

I can talk very long about the help that gives LatviaDental to me. My smile-is my business card. Every day I meet my clients and work colleagues. And the first thing that I do is open my mouth and talk (I do communicate with the people on a daily basis.) My smile has to look perfect and natural at the same time! The staff members of LatviaDental have individual approach to every client. They always try to adjust to clients needs. This is important for me as I do not come to Riga very often. I love sport as much as I love my job! For quite a long time I play rugby. I do that on the professional level. So no matter how hard I try, my smile does suffer from time to time. But Dental Estetika is always ready to deal very easily with any cosmetic defects of my teeth. LatviaDental is with me my all life! I have been named “the son of the clinic”. That fact makes me feel happy. My mother told me, that when I was a child, Dr. Natalie was the first (the only) Dentist that has not been literally bitten by me. I tried to bite her when I was a child. To that Natalia replied: “I will bite you in return!” From that time on I always come to see her. She is my “tooth mother”. I am very thankful for what you do! Have you ever seen a patient who felt asleep on the dental chair? Hmm.. Last time I really felt asleep during my dental visit. When I woke up in 10 min, the job was already done.


Nils Olofalstrom, These dentists are true artists!

I recently had both upper and lower front teeth fixed and a bridge on one of my back teeth. A rather difficult job that was excellently executed. In a couple of words: these dentists are true artists! I can wholeheartedly recommend Latvia Dental, not only for their excellent work, but also for their good prices. I hope to visit Latvia Dental, once a year for treatment. Quality and service are good value for money. I am more than satisfied on all accounts.


Kārlis Plensners, This place is wonderful and makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience

I started going here less than a year ago and Dr. Orlova and her colleagues are friendly and experienced. I like this place so much, I even recommended it to my friends.


Irina Makeeva, Dreams comes true!

The best dental experience in Latvia! The most wonderful and professional team. Thank you for great service and always positive experience! See you again :)


Richard Barett

Very professional and welcoming. Best consultation I've had in years.



Jurmala city council
Jomas Street 1/5,
Jurmala, LV - 2015
Phone.: +371 67147905
Fax: +371 67147901

Executive director Gunta Ušpele

Registration details:
VAT Nr. LV40008131781
Bank: A/S Swedbank
Bank Account: LV33HABA0551023531429



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