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Why choose Latvia?

For the treatment of various cosmetic defects, Latvia’s clinics use combinations of contemporary and innovative methods that entail a period fast corrections and short recovery. Many of these technologies are unique and the only ones available in the Baltic States. Thanks to the latest methods, it is possible to fully eradicate defects, which were once considered to be untreatable.


Top reasons why should choose Latvia:

  1. Innovations and the latest methods. Participation of specialists at international training and seminars provide patients with access to the latest methods in the realm of aesthetic medicine.
  2. World-class laser technology equipment. Modern equipment helps to resolve all types of skin problems and to perform unique skin rejuvenation procedures. Technological development is continually producing less invasive methods. In Latvia, aesthetic medicine is at a very high level, because Latvian clinic offer almost all of world’s best and most acclaimed innovative technologies in the aesthetic medicine.
  3. Professional specialists with outstanding experience – aesthetic medical specialists have obtained high level professional education. Latvia’s doctors are increasingly augmenting their qualifications and professional knowledge through training and experience exchange programmes organised locally and overseas.
  4. Safety and EU quality standards. Infrastructure, environment and work organisation at the clinics conform to the best European patient care standards.
  5. Individual approach. To ensure the provision of high quality medical services, we use a complex of state-of-the-art procedures, which are chosen in accordance with the patient's individual requirements. Close collaboration between the patient and doctor is an invaluable guarantee of effectiveness.
  6. Service availability. Treatment in Latvia conforms to the level offered by the world’s leading clinics and is available for much lower prices and can be received very shortly.
  7. No language barriers. Latvian specialists are vastly experienced in working with foreign patients and can communicate fluently in several foreign languages.
  8. Convenient geographic location means that getting to Latvia is simple via air, ferry, train or road transport. Frequent and direct flights to Latvia are available from Europe’s biggest cities and strategically important transport hubs.
  9. Added value – Latvia is located on the Baltic Sea coast and provides extensive leisure choices. Visitors have the opportunity to visit Riga, which is the Baltic States’ capital of culture, pearl of Art Nouveau architecture, gastronomic paradise and a great place for active leisure.



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Services offered

Nowadays, flawless appearance is one of the keys to success in our highly paced lives. As the years go by, a person’s body and face are no longer as youthful as before, but aesthetic medical technologies can improve the situation quickly and painlessly. Modern laser technologies make it possible for skin to recover its glow and firmness, as well as to remove undesirable details.



As skin ages, it loses its tone and wrinkles appear. Naturally and gradually, the skin loses its firmness. Various types of laser, radio frequency and other procedures are available to rejuvenate the structure of the skin. As a result of the rejuvenation procedure, wrinkles are reduced while the formation of new wrinkles in delayed, and skin pigmentation is reduced. This service does not stop biological aging, but it does successful correct damage obtained over the course of the patient’s life. Rejuvenating laser burn pigments selectively and create light monotone facial skin.



This causes a contraction of collagen fibres, lifting facial skin and reducing wrinkles. Skin regeneration starts during the procedure and continues long after the procedure. With healing, the first regeneration phase lasts for a couple of days. The second phase can last for up to three months during which new collagen begins to form and the result becomes more visibly evident. The final regeneration can last for up to a year after the procedure. During this phase, collagen production continues, while the collagen attains an increasingly organised structure. At the end  of this phase, the end result becomes visible – subcutaneous muscular tone improves as a result of the remodulation of the structure of skin’s layers and thus lifting takes place and the skin’s structure is rejuvenated.



A laser procedure equivalent to plastic surgery, this safe and gentle treatment rejuvenates skin health and beauty! It is used to improve skin tone and freshness, narrow and even out pores, eradicate various pigments, rejuvenate skin, remove signs of aging and smooth out wrinkles on the face, neck, arms and chest, and to reduce scars of various origins (traumatic, post-operative, after burns and other scars). It is especially effective for treating scars caused by acne spots. This technology significantly differs from all the rest, because the depth and power of the impact of the laser can be changed depending on the skin type and the nature of the problem. During the course of this laser epilation, damaged skin cells are destroyed, while healthy tissue is left untouched. Unlike other classic ablative lasers, the fractioned impact is pointed, as a result of which the recovery team after the therapy is much shorter. Moreover, the scars are removed at cellular level. After the wounds heal, the skin starts to renew itself and to produce new collagen, a process that continues for another six months after the procedure.



Thermage – facial and body skin lifting, which is a unique luxury class procedure for those who desire facial and body rejuvenation without the intervention of the surgeon’s scalpel, stitches, changes in mimicry and a rehabilitation period. The procedure allows the patient to attain a face-lift effect, using radio frequency energy. This is not a surgical procedure; it does not a have a recovery time and is an alternative to plastic surgery. It is a procedure that offers the patient a whole range of advantages: newer skin is soon visible, without a rehabilitation period and stitches, allowing the patient to head to work or the theatre immediately after the procedure, facial features and mimicry are preserved, skin renewal does not cause a mask effect, or unexpected changes to facial features. The effects are long-lasting, safety and the rejuvenating effect last for three to five years, and the procedure does not cause skin “addiction” and is safe for the body.

Course: only one procedure is required to achieve the desired effect. Depending on the area to be treated, the procedure lasts from 40 minutes to 3 hours. The results of the unique The Thermage thermal lifting procedure are visible immediately and gradually improve over a period of 3–6 months.



Partial peeling and cleansing of the surface layer of the skin which stimulates the rejuvenation of skin cells. Glycolic acid is used in the procedure. The impact of the preparation narrows pores, reduces thickened cutaneous horns and delays the formation of new wrinkles, as well as possessing whitening properties. Chemical peeling can be performed on the face, neck and décolleté zone.



Micro injections of biologically active substances into the surface and mid-layer of the skin with a particularly fine needle. The injections activate cellular metabolism processes and bring about an improvement in the structure and tone of skin. Mesotherapy can be performed on the face, neck, décolleté zone and top of the hands

A mesotherapy course consists of 3−5 sessions with intervals (15 days – 1 months). One mesotherapy session lasts for 40−60 minutes.



An effective means of treating wrinkles and mimic wrinkles. Correction of facial dynamic mimic wrinkles. Correction of mimic wrinkles. Intramuscular type A botulinum toxin injections are made in problematic zones. The effects will be visible within two weeks at most after the injections. The effect lasts for approximately four months (potential variations are dependent on the individual response reaction of the patient).



An effective means of smoothing out creases and wrinkles. Suitable for filling creases, facial oval correction and rejuvenation of or increasing tissue volume.

Procedure: depending on the zone to be treated and the desired result, soft tissue intradermal, subdermal or supraperiosteal injections are performed. For one week after the injections, the result is assessed and, if necessary, corrections are made. The result lasts for about 6-9 months, depending on the patient’s individual response reaction and the aggregate used.



A unique method for facial rejuvenation without an operation. The method is based on using the patient’s own blood plasma, which is enriched with thrombocytes with the help of special technology. The procedure involves the use of the patient’s own purified autoplasma, as a result of which the chance of suffering an allergic or immunological reaction is minimal. Plasma revitalization is used to rejuvenate skin in the facial, neck and décolleté zones, as well as to renew skin on the hands, stomach, hips and bottom. As a result of the procedure, the appearance of the skin improves along with its colour and texture. Autoplasma injections are made directly into the skin. Depending on individual sensitivity and the area of the body to be treated, during the patient may feel moderate discomfort or pain in the places where needle insertions occur.

The length of the procedure is dependent on the size of the zone to be treated. In order to attain the desired effect, three procedures are required with an interval of 30 days between each.



Stretch marks are removed with the help of state-of-the-art lasers. In aesthetic dermatology, renewal of fractioned skin open up new opportunities to remove skin defects. Using the latest technology, medics can treat them effectively with the help of lasers. Although stretch marks do not cause any unpleasant feelings, they are often considered to be aesthetically unattractive by those who have them. Retinoids and AHA acid procedures are treatments with only local impact. Neither cosmetic nor professional agents with local impact can reduce visible stretch marks that have already formed. Mesotherapy and collagen injections require a large number of treatment sessions and while they can achieve changes, they can be minimal. In turn, if the patient opts for surgical removal– surplus skin is removed during the operation together with the skin affected by stretch marks. If the patient desires smooth skin, but does not want to attain it through surgical intervention, the most effective way to achieve this is through laser removal of the stretch marks.



The unique micropigmentation method has attained high precisions and provides safe and harmless technology. The quality of the treatment incorporates the expert’s experience, ongoing renewal of apparatus and colourants and a safe, sterile environment. Specialists work precisely to harmonise eyebrow, lip or eye drawing with facial lines. The micropigmentation treatment consists of three stages – consultations, the first treatments and retouches. The initial treatment can be divided into two consecutive days (each session: 1-5 hours).

Micropigmentation can be used to:

  • Highlight permanent cosmetic effects;
  • Mask scars or a cleft lip;
  • Imitate the breast areola;
  • Visually correct a lack of scalp hair;

The task of micropigmentation is not restricted to permanent decorative cosmetic work. The treatment also resolves problems of another nature including those related to a change in skin colour or dark rings under the eyes. Scalp pigmentation can help men to regain a modern, well-groomed and youthful appearance. After a breast implant operation, it is possible to mask a residual scar or to renew the appearance of a breast areola.



The technique of pigmentation is also used to create long-term decorative make-up effects, without causing any harm to health. During the consultation, our experts will introduce you to all the treatment options available and recommend the most suitable option for you.



Nowadays, more options are available than ever before thanks to the properties of precise and gentle apparatus, special colourants and cutting edge technology. Camouflage of dark rings is carried out in several stages. Chosen to match the real skin tone, very light pigment is inserted with several small layers in dark zones. After healing, the light pigment under the skin reflects light and therefore the dark pigmentation is less visible.

Course: this is a painless treatment that takes about one hour. The effect of the treatment is extremely durable, practically lasting without changes for the rest of the patient’s life.



Scalp pigmentation helps many men all over the world to attain a modern, well-groomed and youth appearance regardless of their age and the extent to which their hair has fallen out. In the pigmentation process, using special apparatus, colour is injected into the surface layer of skin with micro points. Each point replicates an individual follicle of shaved hair, together creating the effect of an evenly shaved head. This technology can create the effect of dense hair in places where the patient has less hair.

Course: a consultation is initially required and then the first session is conducted (1st day), followed by the second session (2nd day) and correction (after 30 days).



This treatment helps to resolve:

  • scare tissue (after injuries, accidents or operations)
  • alopecia (lack of hair in the eyebrow and eyelid zone)
  • vitiligo (depigmented skin zones)

A special place within paramedical procedures is occupied by work in the delicate area of female breasts. Sometimes after implant operations, an ugly scar can remain around the areola, which can and should be masked based on the areola or its surrounding tissue, achieving a visually ideal aesthetic result.

After mastectomy operations when mammary glands are removed because of a malignant tumour, breast prostheses are implanted. In this case, the breast areola will be missing. However, it is possible to renew it with the help of a three dimensional drawing. Complex treatment of breast cancer often included radiation therapy, which can have the side effect of partial alopecia (falling out of hair). And in this case, micropigmentation is a great solution to the given problem.   



Laser therapy is widely used at Latvian clinics. The wide range of lasers allows specialists to choose the best solution for each patient, each skin type and to attain the best possible result for everyone. Laser therapy is used to remove expanded deep blood vessels and ingrown hairs, as well as blood vessel growths, expanded capillaries and infectious rashes (ND:Yag, Diode type or KTP lasers). Also available is laser therapy to remove pigments, benign blood vessel growths, “port wine” rashes (red-coloured growths of various sizes caused by blood vessels) and other problems.



This laser therapy is intended to remove colour tattoos, permanent make-up and dark pigmentation areas. Laser therapy effectively removes black and colourful tattoos (including red and brown), permanent make-up and dark pigmentation areas on the skin. Thanks to laser technology, it solely impacts the ink sections of the tattoo, without affecting the adjoining skin tissue. The number of tattoo removal procedures depends on several factors – the size of the tattoo, the colours, the positions on the body, the patient’s age and on how old the tattoo is.

Course: tattoos created by amateurs can usually be removed over the course of 1−5 treatment sessions, whereas 6−12 procedures are required to remove tattoos drawn professionally. An interval of about eight weeks is required between treatments sessions, therefore the patient must anticipate that the treatment will be conducted gradually.



The overall appearance of the skin can be damaged by various types of scars: acne scars, stretch marks and the legacies of injuries.  The most modern laser apparatus can be used to treat fresh pink scars and older scars. The rejuvenating effect of the laser is equivalent to a plastic operation and is one of the most effective forms of correction. In aesthetic dermatology, fractioned skin renewal open up new possibilities for removing skin defects. Fractioned laser light reaches the deepest layers of skin, renewing them, and activating collagen production, strengthening the skin and producing a lifting effect.

Scar correction with IPL: if a scar has formed, the patient has to remember that it is not possible to make it completely invisible. It is only possible to soften or thin scar tissue; to reduce the density and breadth of the surface of scar tissue; whiten skin and rejuvenate soft tissue in places where scar tissue is localised.




Laser epilation ensures the removal of surplus hair in any part of the body. The procedure provides a fast and long lasting effect without damaging skin. The very latest laser equipment has the most effective impact on hair on all three relevant parts of the body: hair roots, hair follicles and fat glands. The day before the laser epilation, the hair in the chosen part of the body must be shaven.

Procedure duration: laser epilation is carried out in several stages (3-6 sessions on average) – the procedure must be repeated after 4-12 weeks. The desired result is often achieved after the third laser epilation. After the first procedure, the hairs drop out and their quantity is reduced for a long time. Hairs becomes thinner, less visible and create far fewer cosmetic skin problems. After the first procedure, hairs no longer take root.



Procedure price list

Rejuvenation of aged skin     

Skin rejuvenation with ultrasound    

Zone under chin, zone around the eyes, cheek zone From EUR 300
Entire face      From EUR 630
Fractioned coagulation From EUR 313
Stretching of lower eyelids, around the eyes     From EUR 780
Forehead zone From EUR 912
Entire face   From EUR 1860
Chemical peeling for the face       From EUR 40
Mesotherapy    From EUR 110
Botulinum injections (eye zone and forehead) From EUR 350
Hyaluronic acid injections From EUR 200
Plasma revitalization   From EUR 290
Laser correction of stretch marks (130cm2) From EUR 130
Micro pigmentation for eyebrows/eyes/lips From EUR 150
Dark ring camouflage   From EUR 300
Scalp micropigmentation       From EUR  600
Paramedical micropigmentation From EUR/h 70
Full facial laser rejuvenation  From EUR 450
Tattoo removal (1 cm2) From EUR 15
Scar correction (1 cm2) From EUR 20
Laser epilation                 
Upper lip     From EUR 20
Armpits From EUR 70
Arms From EUR 90
Back From EUR 140
Bikini   From EUR 70
Entire leg From EUR 280

Treatment process – step by step

Individual treatment steps will vary from patient to patient. The detailed course of procedures will be determined by each patient’s requirements and state of health. In choosing to receive aesthetic medical services at Latvia’s clinics, the patient can primarily reckon with the development of a close relationship with the doctor electronically and organising one or more personal visits as required. General treatment procedural steps in the case of a single visit are as follows:

  1. Electronic communication with the chosen clinic, introduction to specialists and analysis of problems (phone calls, e-mails, skype calls).
  2. Arrival in Latvia – the following steps will be planned for specific dates:
    1. Consultations and the required pre-treatment diagnostics;
    2. Commencement of planned procedures;
    3. As and when necessary, repeated procedures are performed as part of the treatment course.
  3. Remote communication and monitoring of results (electronic means of communication).
  4. Additional visits to Latvia are possible, in order to undergo the full course of procedures over a longer period of time in order to achieve the maximum cosmetic effect.

The duration of any visit to Latvia will depend on the chosen surgical procedure and treatment plan.


Jurmala city council
Jomas Street 1/5,
Jurmala, LV - 2015
Phone.: +371 67147905
Fax: +371 67147901

Executive director Gunta Ušpele

Registration details:
VAT Nr. LV40008131781
Bank: A/S Swedbank
Bank Account: LV33HABA0551023531429



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