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Symptoms - first signs of the disease are:

  1. Discomfort, pressing heavy or burning feeling in shanks,
  2. Night cramps in shank muscles (not to be confused with intermittent lameness in case of artery closure).
  3. Itching, swollen ankles at the end of the day,
  4. Fine blood vessels - capillaries may also appear,
  5. Large venous nodules also appear when the state deteriorates.

Vein duplex sonographic diagnostics

Precise diagnostics is necessary for obtaining the expected result and choosing the most appropriate solution. There are several examination methods of the veins:

Expanded, precise Duplex ultrasound for the blood vessels with the most contemporary Premium class USG equipment; it is performed by the doctors – vein treatment specialists or blood vessels ultrasound specialists. Counter-flow of the blood in veins is measured, it is determined how serious the valves of the veins are damaged, sections of damaged veins are detected. That allows precise and fast evaluation of the venous reflux in the deeper and superficial veins, visual evaluation of the veins, possibility to diagnose thrombosis and other pathologies of veins. Examination of the veins of legs with Duplex US method allows obtaining accurate information about the condition of deep and superficial veins within approximately 10-20 minutes. It also allows determining if veins are damaged and subjected to surgery or blood vessels are healthy, close to the skin and provides only cosmetic inconveniences. Duplex US method is applied also to determine scope of the planned surgery, as well as perform accurate marking of the veins before surgery. Best way to picture examination findings are in a visual form by marking the damaged segments of the veins in scheme and indicating both length of the venous reflux and diameter of veins.

Computer tomography phlegography that is used to evaluate vastness of the thrombosis of deep veins. With other examination methods it is possible to examine deep veins only in sections but application of the computer tomography phlegography allows the possibility to see all system of the deep veins in total.


Vein Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is the chemical ablation method for the closing (or elimination) of the damaged or varicose vein by injecting special medication – sclerosant – into the vein. Accordingly to the diameter of the damaged vein, sclerosant is used in the form of micro foam and liquid. If spider veins are healthy then only smaller varicose veins or visually disturbing web of the small capillaries is treated. It can be eliminated within approximately twenty minutes by application of sclerotherapy. A medication is injected that chemically acts onto the wall of the vein and vein disappear. Advantage of the micro foam sclerotherapy is that foams completely fill up the damage section of the blood vessel, maximally coming into contact with its walls therefore the effect is much stronger. Advantages of the method – sclerotherapy is performed for approximately 30 minutes and after the surgery patient has to wear compression socks assigned by the doctor and wear them within 14 – 20 days. Patient is allowed to continue the regular activities of daily life avoiding only hot bath, saunas and desirably also flights.


Laser Surgery of Veins

Essence of the method lies in the closing of the sections of damaged veins instead of taking them out through cuttings into the skin as done in the classic vein surgeries. Lasers act directly onto the water that is locked in the blood vessel and close vein that afterwards is absorbed in tissues. Therefore after the surgery symptoms of pain are reduced up to minimum and very fast healing process takes place. Accordingly to the scope of the surgery, time that patient spends in the health care centre is only 1 to 3 hours. After the surgery patient can freely walk himself. Laser surgery is performed only under local anaesthesia not under narcosis or spinal anaesthesia. It secures its applicability basically for the patients of all ages. Surgery is performed under ultrasound control that provides high precision and safety during surgery. Visual scars do not form after the surgery because wire of the laser is input through the needle. Places of the stings are glued with special adhesive strips and stitches are not put. After surgery period is very sort. By the application of the laser surgery patient is not only cured, there is also an outstanding cosmetic result.


Steam Vein Sclerosis

SVS (steam vein sclerosis) method is applied in the treatment of varicose veins already from 2006. SVS technology is especially innovative: it does not resemble other techniques as steam operates directly onto vein and locks it with yet smaller traumatism. Each micro impulse of the steam extracts 60 J energy. Number of impulses is varied accordingly to the diameter of the vein. Usually 2-3 impulses are applied onto one centimetre. It allows not only closing spider vein but also smaller varicose veins. It is an injection system that injects heated water steam through catheter in the form of controlled micro impulses. Shrinking and closing of the wall of the vein is achieved. SVS technology is especially innovative – it has acquired 1st place in the European Venous Forum in 2010 as the most original and qualitative treatment method.


Radio Frequency Surgery of the Veins

This method allows performing also closing of the spider veins and smaller varicose veins that was not possible with previous technologies. Vein is heated with special catheter in a controlled manner. Great benefit of the patient is the fact that these surgeries are less painful and usage of pain killing medications is not necessary during the post-surgery process. This method allows endovenous elimination of the big arterial varicose enlarged subcutaneous veins, perforant veins, venous capillaries and also smaller varicose veins on the sides. During the surgery damaged vein is closed, for examle, with the energy of the heat coming through the catheter with micro openings in the form of micro impulses. It is not taken out but within a year it practically turn into conjunctive tissues. Main advantage of this treatment method is the small traumatism of tissues, as it is performed through small stabs into the skin by using the local anaesthesia. Patient has to stay in the health care centre only 1-2 hours and he/she is able to take up the wholesome social life during the next or the following days. Very good cosmetic result is observed after these surgeries. Local anaesthesia applied during the surgery is more caring and safer for the patient, and it also provides a possibility of performing vein surgery without reference of age and general health condition. Vein surgeries with radio frequency are considered to be very progressive in the world as the number of recurrences, id est., and possibilities that illness could recur, are significantly decreased here.


Treatment of trophic ulcers

Varicose ulcers of the legs is the most serious expression of HVM - frequently they are painful, exuding, creates movement limitations and social isolation and can reduce quality of life for approximately 1-5% of the population. In case of ulcers precise diagnostics is necessary including consultation of the blood vessels surgeon (angioplasty surgeon). To determine origin of the ulcer, differentiated diagnostics needs to be performed – its geneses need to be clarified – whether it is venous, arterial or neuropathic. Any ulcer in the beginning should be measured and its size photographed to follow the dynamics of its treatment process. There are also special software programs that calculate size of the ulcer and determine number of slough, fibrins and granulation. Most important thing in the treatment of varicose ulcer is to eliminate varicose stasis, oedema, improve micro circulation and reduce inflammation and only then ulcer will heal.


Vein closure using cyanoacrylate adhesive

Latvia along with Germany, USA, Holland, United Kingdom and Austria is the fifth country in the world to use BioGlue in endovenous  vein surgery. BioGlue as treatment method has been used in medicine for a long time, it is used in vein surgery, for example, treatment of aneurysms in blood vessels, while it is new in vein treatment! This method is mainly used when treating varicose veins at the initial stage, and compared to previous endovenous methods this method is even less invasive (no scars), it is especially careful to patients, no pain or hematomas (effusions of blood) after the surgery, because there is no traumatic effect on the vein. The vein is not removed, but safe and health friendly special biological adhesive is injected through a disposable catheter, the vein is closed and turns into connective tissue. There is no need for compression socks after the surgery and recovery is very fast, no recurrences were observed. Moreover, no anesthesia or vein pain control is required during the surgery, because this adhesive technique is absolutely painless – no thermal effect like with laser, radio frequency and steam methods.



Operation is offered when conservative therapy of hemorrhoid nodes turns to be non-effective.

Hemorrhoids treatment with THD (trans anal haemorrhoidal dearterialization) method – simple and fast hemorrhoids treatment method, in which the harmorrhoidal tissue supported blood vessels made ligated. The sutures are put on the rectum mucosa, where no pain receptors are located, so this method is painless with no risk for complications. 

Ablation of polyps. Polyps within the anal canal can cause bleeding, cause pain and inflammation, and can also transform into a malignant tumors. During the operation, the polyps are removed using an electrical scalpel or laserknive. The tissue samples removed are referred for histological analysis. 

Anal fissures - operation is performed when conservative therapy of this condition turns to be non-effective During operation borders of fissure are cut out using laserknive of electrical scalpel. Modification of anal sphincter muscle is also performed to reduce the degree of distention.



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"I just wanted to thank medical tourism manager Ljuba Tihomirova for helping myself and my wife when we were in Riga. We are both very happy with our operations made in Dermatology Clinic and Baltic Vein Clinic. My legs feel much lighter than before after surgery done by dr. Udris, using biological glue, I feel like I can now fully enjoy my life and my hobbies, play football, and my wife wished to have surgery since last year, so I am very happy that she got it now and feels great! Many thanks!"  Ian from Manchester, United Kingdom









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