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Latvian medical professionals are working hard to supply help and care for clients who have problems conceiving a child.

The clinics specialists provide professional diagnostics and treatment to every client and every year help hundreds of couples to beat infertility.​



Check-up for couples with fertility problems

At the consultation the reproductologist creates a plan for the needed procedures.

Womens procedures usually consist of checking the hormone levels in the blood, abdominal and gynecological ultrasound and hysteroscopy. The results determine the correct approach on how the reproductive system can be treated.

In addition to hormone level tests men also have spermograms, which determine the quantity of spermatozoids, their activity and ability to fertilize the egg.

In the clinics there are modern, new and high quality laboratories where gametes are being examined.


Infertility treatment

After determining a diagnosis, clinics in Latvia offer a program for strengthening the reproductive health along with all the necessary gynecological and urological operations in modern, new operating rooms with professional equipment.

In the medical fertilization program clinics offer cryobank services that provide tissue cryopreservation and storage if needed.

Medical fertilization in year 2016 showed a rate of 54 % successful pregnancies and the newest fertilizing methods provide 56 % of successful pregnancies, but after the cryopreservation of embryo the percentage is at 63.

Despite the specifics of each case the clinics in Latvia, in collaboration with potential parents, create individual treatment programs, so a healthy baby would be born.

Professionality, knowledge, the newest technologies and perennial experience is what allows the clinics in Latvia to be the best at treating infertility.

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