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Consultations of high profile dermatologists and diagnostics and treatment of all kinds of acute and chronic skin diseases, as well as elimination of visually non-aesthetic problems with the help of latest technologies. Accurate statement of diagnostics allows providing faster healing process and high quality results in case of dermatological diseases. Clients can follow the progress of the disease by using modern image technologies. Combinations of contemporary methods by including medication therapy, if necessary, are used for treatment and elimination of different dermatological problems and cosmetic defects. Spectrum of the available dermatological services:

• Diagnostics and elimination of the new growths in the skin (birth marks, papillomas, fibromas).

• Elimination of blood-vessel formations, enlarged capillaries, deep blood vessels, pigmentation spots, “port wine” spots.

• Diagnostics and treatment of skin, nails and hair funguses.

• Treatment of dry, sensitive, irritable skin, acne vulgaris.

• Prevention of excess sweating.

• Rejuvenation of the skin, prevention of the signs of ageing, smoothing of wrinkles, decreasing of scars of different origin.

• Elimination of permanent make-up and tattoos.

• Elimination of excess hair.

• Removal of ingrown hair and inflamed rash.


Dermatology diagnostics

The Clinic offers a modern diagnostics and treatment of all kinds of acute and chronic skin diseases as well as sexually transmitted diseases using the newest technologies and the competence of a highly qualified staff.

Treatment of acute and chronic skin conditions

Combinations of modern and innovative methods are applied for treatment of different dermatological diseases and removal of cosmetic defects; if necessary, they are supplemented by drug therapy. Many of these technologies are unique and exclusive in the Baltic States! They provide the opportunity to fully cure the diseases that were previously considered as incurable.

Dermatologist consultation

Diagnostics and treatment of all kinds of acute and chronic skin diseases as well as sexually transmitted diseases



I am very satisfied with medical service in Riga and the very nice and prof. manager Katrina K. as well as their nice drivers. I can warmly recommend to visit the very good clinics in Riga as Baltic Veinn Clinic as well as Dermatology Clinic with their very nice and prof. doctors and treatments.

Hello! I am a patient of Jana Janovska for quite some time now. I am writing this as a recommendation for both my doctor and the clinic itself. She has been treating my skin condition for my back and has done so with great deal of expertise. She is very professional in her work, yet gives off a friendly atmosphere. And I would recommend her to anyone. The staff at the Dermatology Clinic is very friendly. I have not had any problems with them as they always have kept me well informed about my appointments. The environment is very patient friendly and I have always felt very content and comfortable being there.


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