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Latvian Health Tourism Cluster was established in 2012 with an aim to provide high quality medical services to foreign patients as well as locals. There are 60 cluster members, wide variety of health tourism providers: government, municipality and regional hospitals, private clinics, rehabilitation centers, resort hotels, travel agencies, educational and research institutions.

Travel agencies and educational institutions provide trainings to members of the cluster to make health tourism processes more efficient, and subsequently reach better results. Membership in Latvian Health Tourism Cluster gives an opportunity to improve cooperation among health tourism providers, to organize common marketing activities, to invent and market integrated, innovative tourism products and services, and to make them more available to locals as well as foreign tourists.


Main areas of the cluster activities:

1. To implement marketing activities of the health tourism industry, which would provide a significant increase of the export services;

2.To facilitate collaboration of the cluster partners in service providing;

3. To promote collaboration of the cluster operators and universities in order to ensure the compliance with the  human resources requirements for  the health industry;

4. To develop cooperation links in research and development between the cluster members and scientific institutions in order to create new and innovative added value products and services, based on the unique Latvian nature capital;

5. To represent the interests of the health tourism industry in drawing up the policy and development documents;

6. To increase the the cluster capacity and to promote the international cooperation.                                                    


Latvian health tourism industry is a growing service industry, offering wide export opportunities, new and innovative products and services, based on the unique Latvian nature capital, the scientific investigations of the universities and the research institutions in order to contribute successfully to the health recovery, improvement, rehabilitation and strengthening for the local and foreign tourists.

Jurmala city council
Jomas Street 1/5,
Jurmala, LV - 2015
Phone.: +371 67147905
Fax: +371 67147901

Executive director Gunta Ušpele

Registration details:
VAT Nr. LV40008131781
Bank: A/S Swedbank
Bank Account: LV33HABA0551023531429


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